My Route website

The Omsk Administration decided to implement a system for monitoring route transport and, as a by-product, a website that allows passengers to receive information about its location and the forecast of arrival at the stop.

To indicate the type of transport, I drew small icons denoting a bus, trolleybus, tram and minibus (then Gazelles were used), as well as a stop.

The satellite system allows you to track the position of transport in space, latitude, longitude and azimuth. The system outputs an angle with an accuracy of a degree, but for visualization we decided to discretize it in increments of 15 degrees.

It was also decided to apply color coding of transport. Remembering the different colors used on tickets in Omsk in the 80s of the last century, I set the red color of the circle and arrows for buses,

Blue for trolleybuses.

Green for trams.

By clicking on the circle of the stop, a bubble with its name is called, which provides three tabs, a list of possible transport, a forecast of the arrival of the nearest transport to this stop, a forecast of arrival for a specific route.

I am glad that thousands of Omsk residents use the My Route system every day.